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Welcome to

Chippewa Hills Mosaic School

The mission of our school and community is to prepare each student to become a productive and responsible citizen.



Welcome to Chippewa Hills Mosaic School’s Web Page.  Mosaic School is an alternative education program for at-risk students in grades 7-12. We are located at 350 E. Wheatland Ave., Remus, Michigan.


Mosaic School has three self-contained high school classrooms that offer instruction in three formats. The first format is an individualized curriculum that allows students to work at their own pace following a syllabus and specific assignment sheet for each course. The second is also individualized; however, instruction is delivered via a mastery-learning program called Apex On-Line Learning. The third format is called seminar. Seminars meet for a block of time everyday for the duration of a Progress Report Period (PRP). These classes have a more formal structure with direct teacher instruction, utilizing differentiated instruction methods to meet student-learning needs. Progress reports (report cards) are done every fifteen days and students must meet minimum requirements in order to remain enrolled.


Mosaic school also has one self-contained multi-age classroom to serve students in 7th and 8th grades. This classroom is not self-paced or individualized; however, these teachers also utilize differentiated instruction to meet the unique learning needs of at-risk adolescents. Students who qualify may also utilize the Apex On-Line Learning program to complete core subjects in order to enable them to get back on track academically with their peers. Progress reports are done every three weeks, with formal report cards sent home each six-week marking period.


Mosaic School offers many alternatives to our students and is a very caring and supportive environment. Students get more one-on-one attention and the atmosphere is very different from a traditional junior/senior high school.


For more information please call (989) 967-8150.  All perspective students and their parents must meet with a Mosaic staff member to learn about the program and to review the student handbook.


Dawn Hawley