The problem is to build a paper airplane that will fly for the longest time. 

The Design Criteria
1. The plane can be made only from one sheet of 8 1/2" x 11" copy paper.

2. You can only use 1/2 inch of tape or less on the entire plane.

3. Your first and last name will be clearly visible on the plane.

4. No other materials, such as paper clips, may be used.

1. Complete a problem solving worksheet only after completing at least two days of research. (Click on the word "worksheet", save that document to Word and complete.)

2. Find, design, and state the directions on how to make three different paper airplanes.  Write a complete description of how to make each plane and make sure you list your source (URL) of where the information came from (All of this information is on the worksheet from above).

3.Make it and test it!