In 1998, Ken Blackburn quit his job as an aeronautical engineer and went to work fulltime training to regain his place in the Guinness Book of World Records. 
What did he do?
He threw a paper airplane that soared for 27.6 seconds before landing gently on the floor of the Georgia Dome.

It's your turn to try to beat the paper airplane record.
You'll start the way Ken Blackburn did - studying about flight and aerodynamics.  You will research various paper airplane designs and perfect your throwing style.  When the competition begins, you will be ready to try and set a new record.

You will be using the seven steps of solving Technological problems to complete this task:
1.  State the problem.
2.  List the criteria and restraints (dos and don'ts) in a DESIGN BRIEF.
3.  Research
4.  Think of alternative (different) solutions.
5.  Choose the best one. 
6.  Implement the solution.  Make a PROTOTYPE.
      (The first one built of any design.)
7.  Evaluate the solution.