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Plant Cell Drawing Page 47

Animal Cell Drawing Page 48

Section 1-1 WS

Pgs. 18-37 & Internet WS

3-D Cell Project

Cell WS Pages 15-18

Quiz WS 27

Cells Alive Internet Lesson

Plant Cell PowerPoint

Animal Cell PowerPoint

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Cells Review Game

Cell Drawing

Cell Organelle Vocabulary Practice and Cell Organelle Crossword Puzzle

Cells & Organelles Cut Out Cards plus Plant & Animal Cell Color Matching

Copy Microscope Definitions from the Screen

Microscope Word Search and Crossword

Microscope Virtual Lab

Microscope Slide Identification Lab Alternate Assignment

Plant and Animal Study Stacks

Cheek Cell Lab

Onion Cell Lab

Read pages 55-57. Complete Worksheet pages 19 & 20 and p. 56 questions 1-3

Chapter Review Pages 60 & 61

Chapter 3 Crossword and Word Scramble

Worsheet pgs. 21,22,23 and page 68 Essay

Diffusion Worksheet

Diffusion & Osmosis Virtual Lab

Osmosis Worksheet

One Piece of Paper with 6 Boxes (Mitosis Phase Drawings)

Mitosis Paper #1 and Mitosis Paper #2

Mitosis & Cancer Assignment

Mitosis Coloring

Mitosis Internet Exploration

Mitosis Interactive Lab

Read Pages 70-74 & Complete Mitosis Worksheet Pages 53/54&How Cells Function as a Factory WS

Mitosis Internet Lesson

Mitosis Flip Book

Osmosis Lab Day 1

Osmosis Lab Day 2

Chapter 3 Review WS

Onion Cell Mitosis Phase Study Guide 1

Mitosis Phase Study Guide 2

Open Book Test Pgs. 35,36,51,52,53,54

Cells book study guide for Quiz Star test

Photosynthesis Pages 82-87

Respiration Pages 88-90

Balancing Chemical Equations

Balancing Equations on the Internet

Balancing Equations 1

Balancing Equations 2

Balancing Equations 3

Balancing Equations 4

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