Meter (Length) and Liter (Volume) Conversions


Students will demonstrate ability to fill in metric chart and use it to complete the following length and volume problems.


The types of learning are kinesthetic and read/write



On a separate piece of paper, fill in the seven boxes with both the letters and words. It should look just like your practice chart you made. I explained with the meter conversions that it was the only time that I provide you with the chart.  Next, complete each problem.  Next to each answer write whether it is a Length or Volume problem. Click on the answers link on the bottom of this page to check out how you did.  You cannot move on until you get 100% on the length and volume conversions quiz.  What that means is if you get some wrong figure out what you did wrong first.


1) 4.5L  =            ml               


2) .08km =              m

3) 1200ml =              L     


4) 4.26cm =                 mm

5) 67 m =                   mm  


6) 6.54 kl =                   L

7) 9 mm =                    m  


8) 5400ml =                   kl

9) 257 cm =                mm          


10) .35kl =                   L

11) 4.5 L =                   kl


12) 698m =                 km

13) .023km =                   cm


14) 2L =                       kl

15)  .65m =                       mm


16) 95.64 cm=                     m

17)  .32 kl=                      L


18)  78cm=                        mm