Metric Compared to the English system


Purpose – Students will be able to demonstrate an understanding between the metric and the English measuring systems


Types of learning

Read/Write and Visual



Compare the English system to the metric system, using the following websites below.  In a 1 page paper take a stance on which system of measurement, you feel is better.  The paper is to be completed in Word with arial 12 font.  Only double space between paragraphs not lines.   Describe and illustrate why one system is better or easier to use then the other.  The paper has to be in your own words.  You may cut and paste the charts to illustrate how each system works. 


Ideas to include in paper:

-History of systems


-Ease of use

-Charts to demonstrate usage

When finished, you should have three typed out paragraphs in your own words. One paragraph on the metric system, one paragraph on the English system, and one paragraph describing what one you think is the best and why. You also need a graph or chart that supports your opinion. Click on the “What is a metric” link and also the “Why metric link”.  Under the “Why Metric” link also check out the sub-links.





Points Possible




Written in own words



Spelling and Grammar



Tables or illustrations



Took stance for a measurement system



Appropriate page setup and font




Total   ____

Total     30