(Continued II)


Okay, you are close to being ready to plant your seeds. In order to do this, your group will need to write-up a lab of your own using the scientific method. This write-up needs to be very specific and detailed if you plan on moving forward with this project. You will need to have the following steps:

1.State the Problem: (the assignment you were given---such as "Will Alaskan pea plants grow better with Miracle Grow or Macle Grow").

2. Gather Information: (write down the facts that you already have found about your seeds).

3. Hypothesis: (what you think will happen to your seeds under the two different variables).

4. Materials: (list any materials people will need to complete the experiment).

5. Experiment: (This is where you will write-out a step by step description of how to perform the lab that you are going to be doing. This needs to include details like how deep to plant, how much soil to add, how much water will be added daily, how to use the light meter/moisture meter/pH meter/fertilizer meter etc.)

Click On Me If You Want An Example of a Lab Write-Up