1. Your group needs to follow your lab write-up and plant your seeds as described. Clean up all materials and any mess that you have made. Also, place your plants in their designated areas. Make sure you write your names and hour on two separate pieces of masking tape and place them on your plants.

2. You will need to water and check your plant growth on a daily basis for the next several days. Each day keep track of the following so that you will have the correct data for your graphs:

a. The light intensity by your plants.

b. Plant growth measured in cm.

c. The amount of moisture around your seeds.

d. The pH around your seeds.

e. The amount of fertilizer around your seeds.

3. You will need to create five separate line graphs for the above (a-e) on graph paper. Keep the days of the week labeled on the bottom of the graphs and the light/growth/moistur/pH/and fertilizer on the side. Each of these five line graphs will be a double or triple line graph depending on how many variables you had in your assigned seed.

4. Neatly, with a ruler, make an outline of each graph and label it so that you are ready to add data.