Lighthouses of Michigan


"Range lights, beacons, fog-bells, storm-signals, --- there is no end to them,
nor to the brave, steady souls who keep them alight and never falter
in the long performance of this duty.
For the lakes are rich in capes, islands, and dangerous channels,
beautiful as a dream by day --- a dream of blue water and
lustrous green isles wooded to their edges ---
but treacherous by night;
and the light-keepers of the Great Lakes deserve a volume to themselves."
by Louise Morgan Sill, from "Through Inland Lakes"
as reprinted in Harpers Monthly, April, 1904


"Clearly there is something special about lighthouses
that goes far beyond their utilitarian purpose.
They are perceived as monuments to the country's maritime past,
symbols of man's stormy relationship with the sea, beacons of hope and homecoming.
They stand for integrity and reliability."

by Dennis Hanson, Smithsonian
August, 1987


"Lighthouses symbolize a very different way of life than the one we know.
They're almost like churches --- singular, standing alone."

by Martin Logan Mason,
Hudson River Marine Center


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