About Us

At Chippewa Hills High School we believe that every student has a unique contribution to make to our school and community as they work towards their own individual fulfillment. Our high school has a history of rich traditions, tremendous school spirit and outstanding pride. 

Students, Teachers & Course Offerings

Chippewa Hills High School provides students in grades nine through twelve with a full academic and extra-curricular program.  The variety of courses offered at the High School help us to meet the needs of all students. We believe in creating an environment that prepares our young people to fully participate in the world as capable and confident adults.  In addition to strong academic and activity programs, we are fortunate to have teachers, counselors, student service professionals and support staff that are both competent and caring.  Their blend of professionalism and concern for students help make our high school exceptional.  We realize that the foundation for our successful school is the passion, interest and support provided by our parents and community.  The students at Chippewa Hills High School are encouraged to reach their fullest potential and they are celebrated for their success. 

Our Values

We at Chippewa Hills High School wish you a life-time full of meaningful challenges, real growth and learning, true friendships, and of self-discovery.  Make this a time of setting goals and making your dreams come true by trying, doing, and becoming.  You can do it!  We know you can.

Welcome to Chippewa Hills High School, home of the Warriors!