Chippewa Hills Transportation/Custodial Department

Transportation will be strictly a single bus system. All K-12 students will be getting on the bus together and going to one of the elementary schools; then after dropping off K-4 students and picking up 5-12 town walkers, buses will proceed to the secondary complex. Those buses will depart Barrtyon at 7:40am, Mecosta at 7:38am, and Weidman at 7:35am.

Take home routes will have secondary students boarding the same bus that brougth them in, going back to the elementary buildings, loading K-4 students and then proceeding to the homes.


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Chippewa Hills Transportation Rules and Safety Policy

It is imperative that the atmosphere of the bus allows the bus driver to operate in a safe manor. The Transportation Department will not tolerate student disruption that causes an unsafe environment on the school bus. Student can and will be suspended from bus riding privileges if their behavior impedes the driver from operation the bus in a safe manner.

School Bus Behavior Expectations:

The following is prohibited:

  1.  Smoking or use of lighter

  2. Noisy, loud, abusive or distracting behavior

  3. Fighting or hitting others

  4. Throwing or breaking things in or out of the bus

  5. Use or possession of controlled substances

  6. Inappropriate language or gestures

  7. Disrespect for driver/bus monitor in words or actions

  8. Destruction of property

  9. Possession of a weapon

  10. Out of seat or not in assigned seat