Bus Monitors Needed!

Chippewa Hills transportation is still looking for bus monitors for am and pm routes. You do not have to commit to the full week or both am and pm runs, but it is appreciated if you can. We pay $25 per route so this can add up to $250/week if done every day am and pm.

We initiated this program to promote greater safety on our buses: the drivers can concentrate on driving and not worry about behaviors occurring behind them. In addition, we hoped that the bus ride would become more peaceful with less disciplinary issues needing to be addressed. We have seen improvements where monitors have been involved, but we are still in dire need of participants.

Please consider being a monitor on one of our buses and help make Chippewa Hills transportation a safe and positive experience for everyone. Contact Lisa Cole, CHSD Transportation Director, at 989-967-3435 to sign up and start making a difference for our students. Thank you for considering.